South Fire District

Chief James Trzaski
Address 445 Randolph Road
Middletown CT 06457
Phone (860) 347-6661

South Fire District of the City of Middletown 

Keeping Our Community Safe

The South Fire District of Middletown, CT is dedicated to protecting the lives and property within our district. We are a professionally trained team that provides firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical services, and we also offer essential safety and fire prevention education for families, businesses, and schools.

Want to get involved? We invite you to learn more about our services, do you part to learn about fire prevention, and attend an upcoming public meeting to make your voice heard.

About the South Fire District

The staff of the South Fire District is a group of professional men and women dedicated to serving the public and protecting the lives and property in it, as well as those traveling through.

Our fire, rescue and emergency medical response personnel have been diversely trained to competently handle the various dynamic situations they're called to. We provide essential public fire prevention information and personal safety education for families, businesses and schools within the district.

Our Mission

The South Fire District dedicates its activities to the preservation of human life and the conservation of property. We accomplish this mission through fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention education and other related emergency and non-emergency activities.


South Fire District consists of the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Training Captain, Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal, 4 Shift Captains, 4 Lieutenants, 24 Firefighters,  Executive Assistant, Tax Collector and Tax Assistant. 


The South Fire District began back in 1915 as the Russell Fire Brigade, which was responsible for the protection of the Russell Manufacturing Company. The sole purpose at that time was only for plant protection of the company.

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