City of Norwalk Fire Department

Assistant Fire Chief Edward McCabe
Address 121 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk CT 06854
Phone 203 854-0231
Fax (203) 854-0234

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
City of Norwalk - Firefighter $70,229 to $91,896 December 31, 2023

Norwalk Fire Department



Fire Department's Mission Statement

To save lives and protect property through the collective efforts of each and every member of the Norwalk Fire Department. The Norwalk Fire Department will apply its educational, suppression, prevention and emergency management efforts toward that end. We will make a daily commitment to each member that his or her safety in this very dangerous profession is the first concern of each officer of this Department. All training and emergency scene operations will have firefighter safety as a key component.


The history of the Norwalk Fire Department stretches back to the late 1770s, when British troops set fire to Norwalk. Since then, the department has had a long history of establishing organized firefighting through volunteers and eventually employees.

Quick Facts / Statistics

Working Fires

The most serious fires the Norwalk Fire Department responds to are known as working fires. This term generally means that the fire has:
  • •Caused extensive heat and smoke damage
  • •Caused the department to remain on scene for more than one hour
  • •Completely gutted at least one room of a structure

Firefighters perform a variety of actions during working fires including:
  • •Controlling and extinguishing the fire
  • •Overhauling, or checking for hidden fires
  • •Salvaging contents

In 2014, The Norwalk Fire department responded to 6,639 incidents. These include working fires, alarms, accidents, medical responses, marine calls and other rescue operations.
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