Cromwell Fire Department

Chief Jason Brade
Address 105 Coles Road
Cromwell CT 06416
Phone 8606356155


The Cromwell Fire District is a Special Act District created by the Legislature of the State of Connecticut. The District, through its Water Division, owns, maintains and services the water distribution, pumping and treatment facilities that service the Town of Cromwell. The District, through its Fire Department, provides fire protection and ambulance service to the Town. The District operates under the provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes and District By-Laws. The District is governed by District Meeting and an elected nine-member Board of Commissioners.


The Cromwell Fire District was established by a Special Act of the Connecticut legislature on March 16, 1893. The Act authorized and empowered the Fire District to provide a sufficient supply of water for fire and other purposes by contract with the Cromwell Water Company.

On May 5, 1927, again by Special Act of the Connecticut legislature, the Board of Fire Commissioners was established. This legislation created the titles and terms of office for the board and outlined the authorizations and procedures of the District, expanding the responsibility for maintaining the water supply and establishing a fire department. As a result, the Water Division and the Cromwell Fire Department came into being under direction of the Cromwell Fire District and its Board of Fire Commissioners.

The Board of Commissioners of the Cromwell Fire District consists of nine members who are elected for three-year staggered terms. Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 P.M. at the Coles Road Firehouse and the public is encouraged to attend. This is your opportunity to get involved and learn more about the fire, EMS and water services that are provided to you! The meetings include the acceptance of reports from the various subcommittees, an updated monthly condition of the budget, and any business concerning water, fire, emergency medical services and the Fire Marshal.

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