Dalton Fire Department

Chief James Peltier
Address 20 Flansburg Ave
Dalton MA 01226
Phone (413) 684-6118
Website https://www.daltonfiredistrict.org/dalton-fire-department


The Dalton Fire District was established in 1884. The district provided water to 225 citizens at that time, whom were also members of the Dalton Fire District.


As fires became an increasing problem within the town, it was brought before the town at a meeting to form a fire department. The town of Dalton turned down the idea as it was too expensive at the time.


The Dalton Fire District was approached, in 1899 it was voted on at a District meeting to establish the DALTON FIRE DEPARTMENT. Chief John Hardiman was in charge from 1899 until his death in 1939.


Currently, the Department has a roster of 40 members that respond to all hazards. They operate out of one station. The staff includes 1 Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, 2 Captains, and 3 Lieutenants.

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