New Britain Fire Department

Chief Raul Ortiz
Address 253 Beaver Street
New Britain CT 06051
Phone (800) 826-2615


The New Britain Fire Department, located in New Britain, Connecticut, is committed to protecting and preserving life, property, and the environment, in the most professional and courteous manner possible.

We protect a city of over 73,000 residents, within 13.4 square miles with eight fire companies and six fire stations, located strategically throughout the city to respond in a timely manner, to every area of New Britain. Our goal is to serve our community with the best in fire protection and offer a professional and dedicated response when citizens of New Britain call for help.

The New Britain Fire Department is honored to serve the citizens of the City of New Britain by providing a wide range of services, including fire suppression, emergency medical response, fire safety inspections, and education, mutual aid coverage, as well as many other services intended to meet the specific needs of our citizens.

Our dedication to continuous improvement leads us to a strong commitment to training and quality assurance in all phases of our operations. It requires that we keep current up with emerging technology and new techniques that will improve our abilities to provide the highest quality service possible.


To protect life, property, and the environment through professionalism and organizational effectiveness using highly trained professionals committed to exemplary service. To minimize community risks and improve the quality of life for all persons within New Britain.


The New Britain Fire Department will be engaged in the community and recognized for exemplary lifesaving services, fire protection, prevention, and preparedness by investing in our employees and the people we serve as well as focusing on our five Core Values: Value, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Learning.



The New Britain Fire Department became an organized fire department in 1833. All 112 members were volunteers and the department consisted of a bucket brigade with hand-drawn carriages and ladders, as its best means of fighting fires. ​In June of 1873, fifty (50) years later, the New Britain Fire Department became a “Paid” department
including 92 men which consisted of three paid hose companies with 12 men each, one paid hook & ladder company with 20 men, and three paid on call specials companies with 12 men each. ​

Today the NBFD protects 13.4 square miles, which is densely populated with just over 73,000 residents. The New Britain Fire Department currently has six fire stations that house eight companies (six engines & two ladders), while currently staffing a hundred and thirty personnel.

From the volunteer bucket brigade of 1833, to the fully established department of today, the New Britain Fire Department is a story of slow, but steady progress. The transition from a department of hand drawn pumpers, horse drawn carts and steamers, to the present day modern apparatus makes the New Britain Fire Department a prime example of what a proactive and progressive fire department looks like.

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