West Haven Fire Department

Chief James P. O'Brien
Address 366 Elm Street
West Haven CT 06516
Phone 203-937-3710
Website http://westhavenfiredept.com/



The West Haven Fire Department is committed to providing the highest level of Fire Protection and Public Safety for our Community. We shall protect lives and property through fire suppression, emergency medical services, disaster management, fire prevention and public education.

Our members shall protect, serve, prevent harm and provide professional and courteous service to the community and our visitors without reservation. All members of our organization and the community shall be treated with dignity, integrity and respect at all times and we shall honor those who have served our mission and are a part of our history of excellence.


In the mid-19th century, West Haven underwent significant growth, transforming from farmland to a burgeoning commercial hub along the shore of Long Island Sound. In May 1873, the General Assembly incorporated the "Borough of West Haven" as part of the Town of Orange. Faced with a growing population and diverse industries, the need for infrastructure became evident, prompting the borough's establishment to independently govern and address civic needs. In the fall of 1873, West Haven became a borough with its own governance structure, including a Warden and six Burgesses empowered to build and maintain roads.

They initiated road improvements, implementing the use of avenues and streets, raising roads, and employing materials such as clay gravel and oyster shells. The borough's commitment to progress extended to night lighting, curb lines, and sidewalks. Notably, on November 18, 1888, Engine and Hose Company #1 was established following the Hinman House fire, marking the inception of the West Haven Fire Department.


•Center Fire Station
•West Shore Fire Station
•Allingtown Fire Station



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